AetherStore Early Adopters Program

If you’ve been keeping up with the AetherWorks Blog, you probably know we’ve been developing software that will allow users to make the most efficient use of their storage resources. It’s called AetherStore, and as we approach beta release we’re looking for Early Adopters to be some of the first to benefit from the technology.

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What is AetherStore?

AetherStore works by pooling unused space on machine hard drives to create a shared, distributed storage network. The software chunks your data and saves those chunks many times over multiple machines, distributing the burden of data and removing the central point of failure. AetherStore stores data intelligently based on the amount of space machines have available, so you’re never limited to the smallest hard drive. All of your data is encrypted, too, so it’s storage-compliant with even the most regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and education.

Remote access and BYOD policies being as widely embraced as they are, AetherStore can also be coupled with a cloud solution for remote access and long-term backup.

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Why Sign Up for the Early Adopters Program?

While there are certain concerns (security, scalability, latency, availability) that all organizations consider when developing a data storage strategy, differences in infrastructure and business processes mean the storage needs of each organization vary widely. The information we receive from our Early Adopters allows us to address highly specific use cases and tailor our technology to maximize its effectiveness for different organizations. In return, we’re offering you the technology necessary to make the most efficient use of the storage resources you’re already paying for.

If you’re interested in learning more about AetherStore, sign up to be an Early Adopter here!