AetherStore Spiceworks Beta

This past Tuesday we launched a beta with Spiceworks where we have 29 Spiceheads testing AetherStore and reporting back to our private panel.

If you’re not familiar with the Spiceworks community, it’s 4 million IT pros and tech vendors swapping IT knowledge. Spiceworks also provides a service through which you can conduct a private beta with a number of IT pros that are interested in your technology. The Spiceheads on your panel test and provide feedback in a private forum on basically every aspect of your product.

This beta is a big milestone for us, and already the feedback has been really helpful. Once the panel is complete we’ll post an update to share what we’ve learned. In the meantime, whether you’re part of our Spicepanel or just want to learn more about AetherStore, here’s a look back at a few blog posts we’ve written that explain some AetherStore Beta fundamentals:

Or if you’re looking for a slightly more technical read:

Stay tuned for an update on our AetherStore Spiceworks Beta in a of couple weeks. We’re also looking forward to getting this release out to our Early Adopters who have been crucial in getting us this far! If you’re interested in testing AetherStore for yourself, check it out here!