NY TechDay 2014

We’re still gathering all of the business cards, free goodies, and great ideas we took away from NY TechDay yesterday, where we exhibited AetherStore and spoke with hundreds of attendees . Pier 92 was packed with tech companies showing off what they’re working on – everything from dating apps to enterprise software. With hundreds of start-ups and over 10,000 attendees, NY TechDay proved there are a lot of exciting things happening in Silicon Alley.

A special congratulations to Atmospheir, an AetherWorks portfolio company that took home the NY Tech Day award for “Best in Social Media.” They’ve built a social address book that’s available for download now!


We had a blast running the AetherStore booth, where visitors stopped by and learned how to turn unused workstation hard drive space into a valuable storage resource. We even put visitors to work, polling opinions on some AetherStore taglines and other copy to see which marketing materials they preferred. With so many start-up experts in one place, we couldn’t resist a chance to get their feedback.

We didn’t let those that stopped by the AetherStore booth leave empty-handed, though. We came armed with 300 orange donuts and had almost polished off all 25 boxes by the day’s end.


The AetherWorks team had an awesome time at TechDay 2014. We can’t wait to follow up with everyone we got to connect with there and see what’s next for New York Tech!