Storage On Demand: Education

The Systems Administrator at the University of  Kentucky – College of Architecture Agriculture oversees a 300 PC environment within the robust university network, including a storage server holding custom programs, downloads, installs and ghost images.


With the storage server full, the team looked to increase capacity and ran into the following issues:

  • High cost: significant capital outlay and long term commitment
  • Complexity and resource drain: configuration and maintenance of new hardware

SAN solutions were unrealistic due to budget restrictions. The team also considered NAS products but ultimately sought to avoid purchasing new hardware in general, as it consumed additional physical space and required a significant time investment to set up and maintain.

Solution: AetherStore Deployment

  • Phase One: 8 PCs > 1.2 TB raw storage
  • Phase Two: 200+ PCs > 30 TB raw storage

The team first installed AetherStore on eight machines to open up 1.2 TB of raw storage, effectively doubling previous capacity by utilizing only a fraction of their PCs.  Image data from the department’s storage server will be migrated to the AetherStore drive, freeing up capacity on the server and ensuring the images are stored in a reliable location for the long term.

“AetherStore is a unique product that serves up terabytes of space, in minutes, on hardware I already had.”

– Systems Administrator, UK College of Agriculture

The next stage of their AetherStore deployment will involve pooling space from over 200 PCs, opening up an estimated 30+TB of raw storage.  In addition to storing image files, AetherStore will be used as backup for a number of the department’s other files.  With standard features including built-in redundancy, in-line deduplication and encryption, AetherStore’s value eclipsed exponentially more expensive, hardware-based storage alternatives.

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