Optimizing Partner On-Boarding

AetherStore is thrilled to be growing our Partner Program in 2016, and a smooth on-boarding process is vital to setting new Partners up for success. While no two Partners have the same schedule or preferences when it comes to evaluating new products, we’ve gathered their feedback and tested a variety of forms and phone calls to improve the experience. Using the five key findings outlined below, we designed an intake process that gives Partners everything they need to evaluate AetherStore on their own schedule.

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  • Partners should be able to access information without waiting on a sales team: Our Partners’ number one priority is providing excellent service to their clients, which means researching new products often fits in after business hours. This became even more apparent when we started noticing a spike in AetherStore introduction calls scheduled on holiday weekends! To accommodate this, Partners can access the software and all educational resources in the portal the moment they sign up – no waiting on a sales team to grant access.
  • Not everyone enjoys phone calls as much as vendors: A phone call used to be a prerequisite for starting an AetherStore trial. For us, it’s still the best way to understand business needs and share our vision for AetherStore. However, for those who prefer working solely over email or through the Portal resources, there’s no mandatory call to begin selling AetherStore. Instead we’ve added a scheduling tool Partners can use to plan a call on their own time. We’ve found both parties get more out of the conversation this way, and we look forward to continuing to speak with each and every one of our Partners!
  • As a vendor we need enough information to perform our own due diligence: All AetherStore Partners become our business Partners. We want to work with those who see the same incredible business opportunity we do in making unused storage a thing of the past. A sign up form enables us to a) ensure inquiries are credible and b) learn enough about each business to provide the appropriate support, marketing and sales information. By entering some essential details to get started, Partners let us know they’re serious about establishing a successful AetherStore business.
  • There has to be a free trial for Partners (and their customers): Free trials have always been part of our sales process. In our earlier days, free trials were a necessity to help educate users about our new technology. Now they’re equally important for Partners, who need to use our product before recommending it to clients. Partners access a 45-day trial immediately when they sign up, which becomes a free NFR copy upon signing our resale agreement. AetherStore Partners also have the ability to generate their own additional, 7-day trial licenses for clients straight through the Partner Portal.
  • Sales minimums shouldn’t prevent anyone from becoming a Partner: Partners can request a reseller agreement as soon as they’re comfortable selling and supporting the product, even if they haven’t made their first sale. Our job is to help Partners build a successful AetherStore business, which means providing access to everything they need to be successful right from the start!

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