Infographic: IT Pros on Local Storage

As we recently released an AetherStore beta, it’s been a huge priority to get feedback of all kinds from experts in the data storage industry. In addition to the information we were gathering from phone interviews with our Early Adopters, we worked with Spiceworks to survey 250 IT Pros from their “Spiceworks Voice of IT” panel on their storage strategies.

We covered everything from preferred pricing plans to compatibility requirements, and are looking forward to sharing the results through a series of snapshots like the one below. Because we’re developing storage software that makes use of latent hard drive space, we’re particularly interested in organizations’ available workstation capacity and how IT Pros feel about local storage vs. the cloud. Here’s what we found:

 Local Storage

We’ll be continuing to release the results of our Spiceworks survey over the coming days and weeks, so check back with the blog to stay in the loop! If you haven’t signed up to be an AetherStore Early Adopter yet, you can do so here.